Rhode Island Disaster Medical Assistance Team - Joining the Rhode Island Disaster Medical Assitance Team

Joining the RI DMAT Team

Step 1: Learn about Serving with NDMS

Before deciding to serve with NDMS, make sure that you understand the responsibilities that come with the position. Serving with NDMS is a serious commitment. Take some time to learn about the NDMS teams and find a team that is right for your particular skills. Next, learn about the commitments that come with serving on an NDMS team. You will need to be available to deploy, be medically and physically fit, complete training, participate in team meetings, and respond to requests for information. Do you think you are up for the challenge?

Step 2: Apply on USAJOBS

Similar to military reservists, NDMS personnel come from private sector jobs around the country to respond as intermittent federal employees during disasters. Before becoming a part of the team, you need to apply for the job.

NDMS advertises and accepts applications for team positions on USAJOBS. If you are interested in joining NDMS, visit https://www.usajobs.gov/ and search the keyword “NDMS”. You can save your search on USAJOBS and request to receive updates on a daily or weekly basis. Once you see an opportunity that is right for you, apply to join. Positions typically stay open for about two weeks.

NDMS team members will be selected on criteria including but not limited to an ability to be on-call for deployment for at least two weeks several times each year, work experience, skill level, other team experience, commitment and ability to work in a team setting. Submission of an application does not guarantee you a team position.

Step 3: Applicant Screening

Once your application has been received, NDMS will forward the application to the team for further review, which may include an interview. You will be notified by NDMS if your application is officially accepted and you become a member of the team. If NDMS decides to proceed with your employment, a team will help you navigate the remainder of the federal employment process. The process includes completion of various federal employment application forms, fingerprinting and a background check.


If you are more interested in volunteering in Rhode Island, visit https://www.rimrc.org to join RIDMAT/MRC's in-state volunteer response team. 
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