Rhode Island Disaster Medical Assistance Team - About the Rhode Island Disaster Medical Assitance Team

The Rhode Island 1 - Disaster Medical Assistance Team

Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMATs)assist in providing care for ill or injured victims at the location of a disaster or emergency. DMATs can provide triage, medical or surgical stabilization, and continued monitoring and care of patients until they can be evacuated to locations where they will receive definitive medical care. Specialty DMATs can also be deployed to address mass burn injuries, pediatric care requirements, chemical injury or contamination, etc.

DMAT's fall under the Emergency Support Function Annexes to the Federal Response Plan (ESP #8 Health and Medical Services). ESF #8 is the primary source of public health and medical response/information for all Federal officials involved in response operations.

Health personnel/teams from HHS will be deployed as needed, and appropriate medical and public health (including environmental health) assistance will be provided. NDMS DMATs will be activated and deployed as needed. DMATs may be activated for provision of patient reception, patient staging, casualty clearing, or other medical care activities in meeting the needs of the situation.

Without our members, we wouldn't be where we are today. Our members come from many different backgrounds. We are staffed with Doctors, nurses, EMT's, Pharmacists, and other medical staff, as well as a host of logistic and support personel. With over 200 members, we are able to meet the increasing demands to serve our community and nation on a continual basis.